Alliance Career Group CareerCare® System

In today’s job market, many great job seekers get lost in a long process and in some cases, never get seen because they do not stand out from the crowd of the basic resume. At Alliance Career Group, we actually care about you the job seeker, and have set up a tested and proven CareerCare® System.

We align ourselves with companies that are passionate as we are about the recruiting and hiring process and work with them in detailed and creative ways most firms do not. You as the job seeker will not get the proverbial run around at Alliance Career Group. We believe that you deserve a full and comprehensive review, and not a 15 second review by a computer program or “personality questionnaire.

At Alliance, get a full and comprehensive CareerCare® System Profile that includes detailed information about you and your career that most companies overlook in presenting you to hiring companies. This system can be utilized for our positions or it can be a package that you can present in your own job search.

Every single job seeker that comes through Alliance matters and we will see to it that you are presented in a way that no other has presented you before. Contact Alliance and begin your CareerCare® Profile today!

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