Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer

Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer

Location: Yonkers, NY, US                                                                                                       Salary: $80k – $120k

Our Client is a rapidly growing and leading manufacturer of fine sporting firearms with locations in NY, NJ and MT and has an immediate opening for an experienced Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer based in their Yonkers, NY location. In this role the successful candidate will develop CNC/Machining Operations Roadmaps aligned to the business plan in order to achieve Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost Objectives for CNC/Machining Operations using lean tools, techniques and method.

Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Collect and analyze data top develop statistical problem and goal statements designed to deliver on S, Q, D, C objectives
  • Convene and lead / facilitate continuous improvement project management teams for CNC/Machining Operations motived to execute Kaizen and Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs) in collaboration with value stream leaders and employees to jointly deliver on S, Q, D, C objectives
  • Provide frequent updates in an effective and efficient manner through formal and informal presentation skills and techniques. Ensure change management objective are met while all employees pertinent to the project are informed, engaged and committed in delivering on project deliverables / objectives
  • Develop, identify and share best practices methods and ideas across CNC/Machining cells, as well as coach and mentor peers and leadership in lean sigma methods
  • Provide leadership counsel and understanding of current and advanced lean techniques to drive business results as it relates to CNC/Machining Operations
  • Develop factory master plan options in collaboration with other value streams to improve the CNC/Machining capability with alignment to the overall factory master plan, (current, future and ideal states)
  • Interpret customer needs and requirements, translate concepts into best practices, identify Assembly and Finishing process improvement opportunities, and quantify results and trends

Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer Qualifications:

  • The successful candidate will possess at least 5 years of relevant experience.
  • 5 – 10 years of manufacturing experience in durable goods in roles that directly affected manufacturing results (Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost). Particular experience required in CNC/Machining
  • Certified Black Belt through ASQ or equivalent certification firm
  • Basic factory master planning experience in participating and / or leading the development and execution of a small to medium size factory master plan focused on CNC/Machining operations

Lean Six Sigma CNC/Machining Engineer Educational Requirements:

  • Required: Bachelor’s degree in IE or Quality engineering or equivalent field – Preferred:  Master’s degree
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